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Yoni Pops 2.0

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💓 Yoni Pops 2.0 💓
3 Pops per Order

✅ Exceptional for treating odor/PH concerns associated with BV.
✅ Vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy.
✅ Tightens vaginal walls.
✅ Keeps frequent yeast infections and/or BV away.
✅ Enhances sex.
✅ Makes vaginas odorless, tighter & activates natural vaginal lubrication.
✅ No lingering odor after you use the bathroom.
✅ No after-sex odor.
✅ You can be spontaneous with sex.
✅ Results within 4-8 hours.
✅ Effects last for up to 30 days.
✅ Excellent to use at end of menstrual cycle.
✅ Excellent for women on Pescatarian/Keto diets.
✅ Provides relief from Herpes and other

✅ STD/STI outbreaks.
Relief from Hemorrhoids.
✅ Only 1-4 capsules needed per month.

➡️ Natural ingredient sea salt based crushed minerals: Celtic, Bamboo & sea salts, probiotics and vegetarian capsules.