Yoni Pops

-Insert 1-2 Pops in to vaginal cavity
-Wear a panty liner due to possibility of a light discharge
-Pill(s) will dissolve in approximately 4-6 hours
-Do not exceed 4 Pops per month without consultation
-Be sure to shower before intercourse when using this product
-Pill effects last 4-6 weeks

Yoni Detox Pearl

-Wash your hands BEFORE removing the Detox Pearl from the package.
-Unravel strings from the pearls and tie a knot close to the pearls for easy removal.
-Place Yoni Detox pearl in a cup for warm water for 3-4 minutes before insertion.
-We recommendthat you lay on your back with your knees up with feet flat for insertion. Relax! Take your middle finger and use it to pus the pearl deep in to your vagina.
-Leave Yoni Detox Pearl in your vagina for 48-72 hours, then remove.
-For the next 24-48 hours, wear a panty liner because your vagina may have a light and/or heavy discharge.
Please wait at least 24-48 hours before inserting another Yoni Detox Pearl.

Drink PLENTY Of water.
No SEX for 6-7 days.

Steam at Home Instructions

-Pour 4-6 cups of hot water (preferably purified or distilled) in a pot.
-Place pHree Living Co. herbs into the water.
-Bring water to a soft boil for at least 5 minutes with the lid on.
-Pour water with herbs into the pot/bowl/crockpot that you will use to do your steam.
-TEST THE WATER BEFORE YOU SIT FOR YOUR STEAM. Water may need to cool off first.
-Remove your underwear and sit above the steam.
-Drape a towel or large blanket around your waist down to the to trap the steam.
-It is recommended that you steam 30-45 minutes.