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Medicinal Douche

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Sold as a single (1) douche.

Our Herbal Douches are handcrafted with: Purified Water, Toto Sugar, Oregano, Garlic, Red Clover,
Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow Flower, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree, Wild Yam Root, Hibiscus Flowers, Blue Cohosh, Colloidal Silver, Black Cohosh, Lavender & Motherwort.

These natural medicinal ingredients can work together to strengthen women's "good bacteria" while eliminating bad bacteria, acid, and yeast from the vagina. Our Herbal Douche is also great for relieving irritability, vaginal discomfort, unpleasant odor, unhealthy discharge, relief from STD/STI outbreaks. As a bonus, this Herbal Douche may stimulate the vaginal tissues and may enhance sex.

Care Instructions:

As an organic product, this douche has a short 60 day shelf-life and must be refrigerated until use.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Sit on the toilet, insert the applicator, and rinse the vagina with the douche. Use one full douche bag for each application. Most serious vaginal conditions need douching twice times daily for 3 days. If the infection does not improve in this time, see a qualified health professional.

Use at your own risk.